MIKASA Corporation is a manufacturer for athletic balls, like volleyballs, basketballs, footballs, water polo balls, handballs, etc. and is selling them universally.

MIKASA Corporation, encourages every one of all ages to become involved with sports as part of their daily life. At MIKASA Corporation, they are dedicated to create and manufacture sports products for everyday use that will benefit your family and you. It’s their commitment to give you the right product for your sport.

While customer satisfaction is their fundamental aim,they also take a pro-environment approach and contribute to local community development.

Based on their scientific approach and their international perspective, they continue to take on the challenge of manufacturing internationally recognized products.

Better Ball Better Game

To bring out the maximum playability of top athletes worldwide,
To bring out your best play in the game to be No. 1,
To bring out the best performance in every critical moment in each game,

Play the best with Mikasa balls!!

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